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Comic 133 - Brine Shrimp

22nd Aug 2012
Brine Shrimp
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The Author Says...

Elliott Simpson 22nd Aug 2012, 7:00 AM edit delete
Elliott Simpson
Sea monkeys... my childhood in two words.

May I also urge thee to press the previous button for today's extra guest comic update!

The People have Spoken...

MeatPopsicle199 22nd Aug 2012, 10:03 AM edit delete reply
I'm concerned how fathead managed to get steroids xD
Elliott Simpson 22nd Aug 2012, 10:39 AM edit delete reply
Elliott Simpson
Crazy hobo man from down the alley.
MeatPopsicle199 22nd Aug 2012, 1:59 PM edit delete reply
Ah, a reliable source ;)
TheSmilingPsycho 22nd Aug 2012, 1:25 PM edit delete reply
I smell a spin off... Teenage Mutant Ninja Sea Monkeys...

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